Fresenius Kabi supports LUERIC+ project!

June 14, 2021

As part of the LUEbeck Registry of Intensive Care patients (LUERIC), we are investigating metabolomic parameters as biomarkers for better control of clinical nutrition at the ICU together with the Department of Cardiology (UKSH, CL) and financially supported by Fresenius Kabi.

During an intensive care stay, patients go through different metabolic phases from the initial catabolic phase to the anabolic recovery phase. In order to guarantee the best possible outcome for the patient, the metabolic requirements need to be served at these particular times. Therefore, new standards are needed to replace the existing blanket nutritional concepts, which are not equally suitable for every patient. Using NMR metabolomics, we are able to analyze the metabolic trajectory of IBS patients at different time points over several days, to hereinafter put this into the context of the clinical phenotype including clinical nutrition.

The long-term goal is to use precision nutrition to optimize individual metabolic requirements in order to improve the treatment outcome of ICU patients.