SENSE project funded by the DAMP Foundation!

June 14, 2021

Advances in biomedical research allow precise medical approaches in a plethora of different disease entities. So far, nutritional medicine has not benefited sufficiently from this development, despite the high relevance of nutrition as a pathophysiological factor in environmental driven diseases such as metabolic syndrome, chronic inflammation and cancer. The SENSE project (Systemic Nutritional Medicine) aims to demonstrate that by integrating a) innovative biomedical analysis methods with b) continuously recorded body function data and c) dietary pattern, tailored and health relevant nutritional is possible and beneficial.

SENSE is not only a demonstrator but serves as a nucleus for the formation of a new platform for Systemic Nutritional Medicine, which will improve the connection between the fields of medicine, IT and nutrition. This is the basis for comprehensive data collection and AI applications, through which personalized nutritional recommendations will be achieved and the identification of individually health-promoting nutritional substances/nutraceuticals will be advanced. In the long term, SENSE should help to prevent diseases through individually optimized nutrition or at least modulate them at very early stages of disease in such a way that clinical onset or secondary diseases are prevented.